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Would have been jack till he got injured for me…Alexis gets my vote. Vote now.

This season is somewhat crap…

It’s early but vote… We aren’t good enough.

Arsenal look weak in comparison to Chelsea, but Wenger vs Mourinho? Wenger will ave him!

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Late review just about a few hours after the Galatasary game which was a massive improvement from out NLD! Welbeck got what he deserved and it was a great night if only Szczesny didn’t ruin it with the red card…. STILL! COME ON ARSENAL!

As for the derby, the review is this…. You need to perform when at home. You need to be switched on and be ready for the game. Flamini…fair enough it was a mistake but the main focal point should be the team’s performance. This needs to be the final lesson before we face Chelsea…

CHELSEA! I’m not confident myself but who knows… We have been ripped up before and this season they are just stronger than ever… I guess we can only bring the fight to them…unless we forget how to win again over the next few days like we have been doing…

Consistency is key… We have a consistency in getting draws! This needs turn into wins and… If not against Chelsea, at least all the games we SHOULD be winning… We are promising! We have pace but no power… BUT we still have the upper hand.

MOTM against spurs would be anyone who played well or maybe just give it Chambo for scoring.

More from me on Sunday!


Danny Welbeck. 

Sorry it’s late, vote now if you want. I will go for Gibbs.