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Dear Arsenal,

We’ll stick by you through thick and thin. But tonight was so thin we may as well have conceded a hundred goals, given the fact that we only fielded ONE youth player. That and the fact that the entire squad bare him was a suitable starting eleven.

We love Arsenal, and one of the the things we love most is our attractive football, with inch perfect passes and deadly counter attacks. That is our brand of football and we did none of it.

When you have quality, that is OZIL, CAZORLA, RAMSEY, WILSHERE, PODOLSKI, ALEXIS, OX, how do you still struggle to produce?

Years of champions league football. FOR WHAT? We have a better chance of being well rested for domestic matches and compete for the title, which by the way is LIGHT YEARS away, and you only have to look to our London rivals Chelsea to see the kind of standards we are up against. How we will defend against Diego Costa with Cesc Fabregas assisting I will never know.

The ambition is still in question here. Sure we fans demand that the club invest in world class players but the on going problems lie internally above everything. You got rid of the deadwood and added quality yet you fail to improve substantially after 6-7 games this season!

Do you want to win?? There is an undisputed truth we all know and that is Wenger really wants the champions league. I’m sorry…but a lot of the games we have seen so far doesn’t convince me at all. We may say that we drew city and beat city in the charity shield but city are the least bothered team in the league! They won the league because teams like us and Liverpool failed to maintain, failed to keep strong, failed to finish a game off, failed to avoid conceding, to convert a draw from a loss and a win from a draw.

FA cup was by far the club’s tip-toe dipped into a shallow pool of success.

We are fans, many of us have kept faith and always will but this isn’t just a rant, this is a kick up the Arsenal as if to say look lads, we really need to do better because if we don’t, our records won’t look great at the end of the season, we will continue to falter against big teams, even let some minor teams get the upper hand.

Your’s sincerely,

An angry Gooner on tumblr.

"Glimmer of Hope"

We have the power to take on a big team. We could see Alexis in fine form today with his skills and his dribbling, as well as his magnificent goal! Welbeck, for me, is wonderful. Give him no time at all to settle in, looked like he’s been playing for us for ages. And Wilshere just stepped his game up and if he continues, he’s going to silence all critics.

Now then… We seem to have this issue with conceding set pieces. IF this changes and we sort out where the problem lies, we may just get more clean sheets and finish the games off better. At this point thought it just seems like we can’t get a grip of who marks who in the box and the zonal thing just doesn’t work for us. 

Another final point I want to just reflect on is our ever increasing problem child that is, Mesut Ozil… Lay off the guy! He’s a number 10 playing on the wing! His all round performance is solid and he did this one pass in the game to Welbeck which was really beautiful to watch. I feel there’s no reason to be worried about him. If that doesn’t convince you, remember that Wenger said he wasn’t worried about Alexis not scoring, look how that turned out for us. Trust in Arsene, we must. Any here are your thoughts on MOTM this week.

smellyynerddJack for sure. Disappointed with our defence as it cost us 3 points. Could’ve won very easily

geno-71Szczęsny. If not for his save in the dying minutes of the game, we would have lost. Otherwise I would say Jack. Behind both goals.

imagoonerbitchesJack Wilshere, he was the best player on the pitch.

savvygooner: Jack wilshere, it’s been his best and most profound performance for years. He dictated our play (for once) scored a sublime goal and set up another, he should have had another assist but Rambo fluffed his lines. We need more performances like this on a more consistent basis, well done jack. Shout out to Alexis though, he’s always in beast mode, tireless worker and what a finish, 3 goals in 3 games

Arsenal’s Tumblr MOTM: Wilshere

Thanks for your input, fellow Gooners of Tumblr. Lets look forward to Tuesday!

Arsenal’s faithful, B.

Alexis is my motm for that goal, else Jack gets it, vote your thoughts now.

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International breaks are well boring

"We keep playing terrible"

Once again we played below par and things need to improve fast. After the international break I want to see BIG improvements to our general play. We need to convert a lot more chances in the final third. I have no reason to back up the team as yet, apart from the individual performances we see from certain players. Alexis played very well, worked hard and performed at an excellent rate. Heck I’ll go one further and say Monreal played well too despite the goal conceded but whose to blame the goals conceded these days when we aren’t converting at the other end. In my opinion, if you are going to concede make sure you have enough goals and a comfortable momentum because a clean sheet is rare in this league. Three games in and we’ve yet to prove our ambition on field, else what was the point of signing Ozil and Alexis?

No input this week, this review is late beyond reason too.

Arsenal’s Tumblr MOTM: Alexis

Arsenal’s faithful, B.

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But hey… we can only improve internally now.